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Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union Political Action Committee (PAC)

The Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union was formed in 1989 by 18 Harford County Deputy Sheriffs. The Union has grown over the years to currently being over 300 strong and having been influential in many issues concerning the working men and women in the Sheriff’s Office. The Union decided many years ago to form a Political Action Committee (PAC) and fund it from money collected from the dues of its participating members.

Currently, the PAC collects over $100,000 per election cycle, and will contribute money to political campaigns and politicians it feels understand the modern problems with policing Harford County in the 21st century. The Union is a very sought after endorsement every election year and it doesn’t take that lightly. The Union will gladly hear all candidates that request our support and endorsement and vote to support those that understand the importance of public safety in today’s world.

The following process must be followed for any candidate who may request HCDSU endorsement:

  • The candidate must contact any member of the Union Executive Board by mail or e-mail.
  • The President of the Union will schedule candidates for addressing the Union membership in a fair, impartial, equal process ensuring all members have an opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice.
  • The Union reserves the right to audio and/or video-tape a candidate’s address to the union during endorsement requests and information sharing to afford HCDSU members who are unable to attend the ability to watch/listen through our website’s secure member’s area.
  • The Union will make reasonable efforts to limit the publication to its website but is not responsible for any further publication of the meeting elsewhere.